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May. 13th, 2012

Okay, yeah it's been a while since I've updated this thing. But anyways, here I go again.

It's been a couple of weeks since my scriptwriting class ended and I passed with a 71 in that. I'm most likely going to go into an editing class and the next scriptwriting class that the college is offering, when the time comes.

Until then, it's gonna be an interesting time.
Oookay, this is something that is really freaking me out.Onmy wayto the library, I was talking to this older guy who sounded like he had something a little mentally wrong with him. And I kept getting very bad signals going off in my mind and if I run into him at the college where I go, things would probably just go down hill from there.

Crap... I really hope this does not turn into a stalker situation.

A random update

The scriptwriting class is going well, for the most part. No job means that I really don't have much money to do things, or buy anything.

Who knows, if I'm able to write a decent script, I'll be able to make a bit of money.

Feb. 1st, 2012

Done with my persuasive writing class and I am now well into a new class known as Scriptwriting one. There's quite a bit more to it then I first thought and I think I will learn quite a bit from this class.

Aaaaaannnnnnd, this is the very first post of 2012, so yeah XD
Looks like today is the last formal day of my Persuasive Writing class at the college. Next week is mainly for people to either come and hang out, or to ask any questions about any assignments that they have. Or both.

Anyways, this is the end of things and I'm probably gonna get the final marks by next week at least. If not by then, I'll probably get the final grade by the 20th. And Christmas is coming~ Can't wait!


Writer's Block: Starstruck

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Met Debra DiGiovanni when she came to my college to do a bit of stand up comedy. Well, I got a signature from her, so that probably counts as meeting her XD
My laptop had gotten rebooted a couple of days ago. Pretty much have to start over with it, and ended up getting the trial version of Microsoft, so my step dad will end up taking my laptop down to the Future Shop where he got it with the receipt to get them to re-install Microsoft Office onto it. Since it was pre-installed on my laptop when he and my mom first got it for my birthday. Other then that, everything else is working fine.

Nov. 11th, 2011

First of all, feeling a bit dumb this morning, seeing as I stuffed my new gloves in my pocket, only to lose them while running for the bus and not even bothering to check to see if they fell out while running. Or even walking for that matter. Mom's obviously gonna be pissed since she bought them and are most likely expensive.

On a slightly more depressing note, when I got to my college, the Rememberance Day ceremony was already on the way and I nearly cried. I'm sure quite a few people got teary-eyed beacuse they had, or have family members that have fought in the war, or are currently fighting in the war in Afghanistan. As for me, it was a grandfather on my mom's side. I really don't remember him that much, and if I did, I may have been really young whrn it happened.

Edit: Found my gloves, thankfully. They were on the sidewalk, on my street where I live.

Just a random thought about a bus driver

I know this is gonna sound slightly out of nowhere, but there is this bus driver that I saw a couple of times when I used the bus. And for whatever reason he reminds me of Orson Welles when he was older. Yeah, it's something completly out of nowhere but that's what my mind does sometimes.

So, yeah, Orson Welles isn't dead, he's a bus driver XD


Looks like the strike has pretty much ended and things would probably go back to normal as soon as posible. Despite the fact that there's quite a bit of back up that happened during their absence. Sooo, it looks like I'l have to keep an eye on my emails and blackboard for anything important let's just say.